Dewalt dcc2560t1 is the 2.5-gallon wireless air compressor kit compressor. It is a capable brushless motor paired. It contains heavy duty and oil-free pump that supply cordless convenience. This DEWALT DCC2560T1 is also the compressor with one turn regulator. The regulator is very fast and very accurate pressure adjustment. The regulator can also be adjustable. The users can regulate the knob so that the indicator will be pointing at exact PSI they want them to be pointing at. The compressor will then regulate by itself.


The compressor also has a long lasting roll cage that covers the tool. It also has rubber feet that make it remain stable when using it to work. The flexvolt 60V max* 2.5-gallon wireless air compressor is also has a maximum tank pressure of 135PSI and produces 1.2 SCFM@90 PSI (tested per ISO 1217). It gives a reasonable pressure and airflow for an extended range of trim and finishes applications. However, for the royal pneumatics, those that are using it want to lose themselves from a power source. Nevertheless, they are still using the pneumatic tools their have already. The flexvolt 60V max* 2.5-gallon wireless air compressor is the ultimate solution for anything battery problem. The wireless air compressor was build in a portable way, because of its portability, it easy to carry. It does not have too much weight and it is built in a compact way. It weighed only 21.5 lbs. without a battery; the compressor gets over 1,220 nails per charge (using one 6.0Ah flexvolt battery DCB606 and a DEWALT 18Ga brand nailer DWFP12233). It also maintains speed during a variety of finish applications including molding, baseboards, door and window casing work, deck Lattice, as well as cabinet and furniture projects. Backed by DEWALT 3 year limited warranty. This Compressor is made in the USA with global materials. Includes:1; Dcc2560 air compressor, 1; DCB606 flexvolt Lithium lon battery, 1; it is fast charger.



The first review was a woman that said his husband is a plumber. That since he (the husband) started using the DEWALT DCC2560T1 That his work has been made easy for him. Another review was a marine (Boat) Mechanic. He said he always run into dead batteries but when he mate this DEWALT DCC2560T1 that it starts cold V8 engines like a new battery. He added that in all the jump packs he had used, that this one is the most powerful and very light too. He also said that  as far as the Amp rating (in this case 4000) I believe it is more marketing (Amps cumulative over time) VS actual delivered, for instance, I connected this unit fully charged to a 500 amp variable battery load tester to see what it could deliver,


It maxed out at 420 Amps and held that for 20 seconds which is phenomenal !!! The units thermal protection kicked in after this. Realistically a modern V8 engine will average less than 200 amps while cranking and a 4 or 6 cylinder will be correspondingly less. Any engine will normally start within a few seconds. Now for some Battery FACTS! Whenever a car battery (or any rechargeable battery) drops below a critical open circuit (no load) voltage (for 12 volt batteries this would be around 11 volts) internal damage begins and if one has a vehicle which drains a battery below this critical voltage (called a parasitic draw) you lose capacity every time a (what I call a destructive discharge) occurs. Under these conditions, even a new battery may only last a few months and this applies to any type rechargeable battery Current rechargeable Lithium batteries would fail in one destructive discharge if protective circuits did not shut them off soon enough.


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