Ryobi TouchCharge Wireless Charger Review

Earlier this month, I posted about new Ryobi cordless power tools that are coming out in 2018. One of those tools is an underwater pool vacuum. I have no need for a pool vacuum, but there is one aspect I did find interesting – it comes with a TouchCharge wireless charger.
That’s right, Ryobi has quietly introduced a wireless charger and a tool that was designed to work with it.
The user manual for the new Ryobi TouchCharge charger, P134 (PDF manual) has a diagram showing its use with the underwater stick vac. But can there be other tools and applications in the works?
TTI’s trademark application (serial no. 87687451) for the Ryobi TouchCharge name describes a number of applicable product categories. With trademarks, companies are often broader-scoped than they initially plan for, in order to include potential future product types. But perhaps we’ll see Ryobi TouchCharge products in some of these categories?
Electric screwdrivers; vacuum cleaners; underwater vacuum cleaners; robotic vacuum cleaners; electric lockboxes
Digital cameras; portable battery packs; batteries and battery chargers; wireless charging system for power tools; motion sensors; position sensors; contact sensors; radios; audio speakers, wireless speakers; mobile hotspot devices; Ethernet hub; headphones; motion sensing alarms; infrared thermometers, not for medical purposes; digital multimeters; measuring apparatus, namely, laser distance meters; self-leveling lasers; tool cart specially adapted with a mobile device charging device
Light bulbs; lanterns for lighting; flashlights; laser lights; flood lights and work lights for construction settings; lamps
Shelves; storage racks; plastic pegboards
Plastic storage containers for domestic use

With the Ryobi TouchCharge underwater vacuum, the design allows for a completely sealed product. It means that you can dock the tool to recharge, but you can also swap out the 18V One+ battery pack.
This design holds a lot of potential. With some tools, you can have a TouchCharge recharging feature built in. And for others, perhaps Ryobi will come out with 18V One+ TouchCharge battery packs.
Do you think that Ryobi designed the TouchCharge wireless charger with only the underwater stick vacuum in mind? Or are more tools on the way?
Which tools, if any, would you like to see with wireless charging technology?
How do feel about inductively-charged Ryobi battery packs?
Ryobi isn’t be the first tool brand to offer an inductive charger. Bosch came out with inductive/wireless charging technology a few years ago.

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