New Porter Cable Entry-Level Angle Grinder, PCEG011

Porter Cable has come out with a new entry-price-point angle grinder, model PCEG011.
I hate to admit it, but I can’t tell what sets this grinder apart from their other entry-level model, PCE810 (also $30 at Amazon). The new grinder looks… a little shorter? Maybe it’s the switch.
The new Porter Cable angle grinder has a 6A motor and 4-1/2″ wheel size. It features 3 handle positions, an integrated spindle lock for easier grinding wheel changes, soft-start, tool-free adjustable guard, and 12,000 RPM speed.
There’s also a no-volt switch that prevents accidental restarts following a power disruption. This means that even if the tool is set to “on,” the tool won’t automatically restart itself when power is restored. It’s a good safety feature.
It has a locking slide-switch, which I personally don’t like; I favor paddle switches. Slide switches tend to be more comfortable for longer work sessions. Paddle switches are “dead man” switches that disengage when you release the tool.
Price: $30
Buy Now(via Amazon) – coming soon, as of the time of this postingCompare(Other Models via Amazon)
First Thoughts
I can’t decipher what’s new about this grinder – maybe it’s the “no-volt” switch? Or did the previous model not have enough grooves molded into the housing?
Still, on paper, it looks to be a decent entry-level grinder.
Maybe you like to swap grinders instead of changing accessories back and forth. Or you’re looking for something smaller than you typically use. Or maybe you just want an inexpensive grinder that still offers some user-friendly features. Then this grinder might make sense for you.

Porter Cable currently offers three 6-amp grinders, each priced at $30. There’s this new one (PCEG011), another light beige and black model (PCE810), and a (previous color scheme) dark grey and black model (PC60TAG). Maybe the new model replaces one or both of them.
Lastly, does anyone else wish it was easier to find and buy cut-off wheel guards? Most brands only include a grinding-type guard.

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