Milwaukee Screwdrivers: a Roundup of All the New Styles

Somehow we let the wide range of screwdrivers Milwaukee Tool introduced at NPS17 slip through the cracks. Today we going to remedy that by looking at all the new screwdrivers available. As a bonus, you don’t have to wait for them to be released, they are all available for purchase today.
The screwdrivers can be broken down broadly into two categories based on their handle designs: tri-lobe, and cushion grip.
Tri-Lobe Screwdrivers
The tri-lobe screwdrivers replace the previous generation of over-molded screwdrivers Milwaukee once sold.
Milwaukee’s Older Style ScrewdriverNew Milwaukee Tri-lobe ScrewdriverThe new screwdrivers feature a hard plastic tri-lobe handle with rubber molded into the plastic. The plastic and rubber seem to form a continuous surface, to the point where it almost looks like black is just painted on the red plastic. Milwaukee says that the tri-lobe handles are “ergononomic” and “optimized for high torque applications,” plus they are designed to slip in and out of pouches easier.
The shafts of most of the drivers have a hexagonal shape with hardened magnetic tips.

The drive type is marked on both the side and end of the screwdrivers, so you can quickly find the one you need. Finally there’s a wide lanyard hole for tethering the screwdriver or hanging it on a hook.
Stuart’s Note: In a pinch, you can slide another screwdriver shaft into the hole, using it as a T-handle for greater leverage, although this might not always be a recommended improvisation.
11-in-1 Multi-Bit Drivers

Milwaukee makes their new 11-in-1 driver in both square drive (48-22-2761) and ECX (48-22-2760) versions. This is a bit confusing since both screwdrivers include #1 and #2 square bits. The real difference is that the square driver includes #10 and #15 Torx bits while the ECX driver includes #1 and #2 ECX bits.
Confused what ECX bits are? Check out this post explaining what they are used for.
The 11-in-1 driver handle is based on Milwaukee’s new tri-lobe handle design and has these 11 functions
Phillips #1
Phillips #2
Slotted 3/16″
Slotted 1/4″
Square #1
Square #2
Torx #10 (or ECX #1)
Torx #15 (or ECX #2)
1/4″ Nut Driver
5/16″ Nut Driver
3/8″ Nut Driver
Loop Maker
Wait. That’s 12 functions. For some reason Milwaukee doesn’t list the 5/16″ nut driver, but Home Depot does — it’s clearly part of the screwdriver. Maybe marketing liked 11-in-1 to better compete with Klein.
The best place to buy these screwdrivers seems to be Home Depot, where the Square Driver is $8 and in stock at most stores while the ECX driver is $10 but seems to be online only.
Buy Now (SQ via Home Depot)Buy Now (ECX via Home Depot)

The new tri-lobe screwdrivers are available in a few different sets.
A 6 piece set (48-22-2706):
Phillips #1 x 3″, #2 x 4″, and #2 x 6″
Slotted Cabinet 3/16″ x 6″
Slotted 1/4″ x 4″ and 5/16″ x 6″
An 8 piece set (48-22-2718):
Phillips #1 x 3″, #2 x 4″, and #2 x 6″
Slotted Cabinet 3/16″ x 6″
Slotted 1/4″ x 4″ and 5/16″ x 6″
Square #1 and #2
An 8 piece set (48-22-2708):
Phillips #1 x 3″, #2 x 4″, #2 x 6″
Slotted Cabinet 3/16″ x 6″
Slotted 1/4″ x 4″ and 5/16″ x 6″
ECX 1 and 2
A 10 piece set (48-22-2710):
Phillips #1 x 3″, #2 x 4″, #2 x 6″, and stubby #2 x 1.5″
Slotted Cabinet 3/16″ x 6″
Slotted 1/4″ x 4″, 5/16″ x 6″, and stubby 1/4″ x 1.5″
Square #1 and #2
You can find the 6 piece and sometimes 8 piece with square driver sets on the shelves at Home Depot for $20 and $22 respectively. Unless a local supplier carries them locally, you’ll probably have to go online to find the 8 piece with ECX or the 10 piece sets, which run $25 and $30 respectively.
Buy Now (6pc via Home Depot)Buy Now (8pc SQ via Home Depot)Buy Now (8pc ECX via Home Depot)Buy Now (10pc via Acme Tools)
Demolition Screwdrivers

These demolition screwdrivers use the same tri-lobe handle design and hexagonal shaft as the regular tri-lobe screwdrivers, but they have a metal core which runs from the tip to the chrome vanadium steel cap. While they are designed to be struck, both the Phillps and slotted tips can still be used for general fastening tasks, such as driving in or removing screws.
The 2 pc set (48-22-2702) includes both a 5/16″ slotted and a #2 x 6″ Phillips demolition screwdriver. You can find this set on the shelves at Home Depot for $9.99.
Buy Now (via Home Depot)
Demo Driver

I didn’t know where the new Demo Driver (48-22-2860) fits in. While it isn’t strictly a tri-lobe design, it has more in common with the other tri-lobe screwdrivers than the cushion grips. I hesitate to call this a screwdriver, because the tip is so thick I haven’t found many screws it’ll actually drive. I guess that’s why they shortened it to “Driver.”
Besides being all metal from tip to cap, the much larger chrome vanadium steel cap spills over the side of the handle for more strike surfaces. The shaft is larger and square which make it easier to hit with a hammer. The “screwdriver” blade ends in a duct piercing tip and the side has a notch for ripping sheet metal.
And while everybody uses the previously mentioned demolition screwdriver for chiseling and prying, Milwaukee actually lists chiseling and prying as uses for the Demo Driver and touts it limited lifetime warranty.
So far, I’ve only seen this Demo Driver for sale online. It usually retails for $15. Tool Barn can save you a buck; they have it priced at $14. Some Home Depot stores list it as being in stock.
Buy Now(via Home Depot)
Buy Now (via Tool Barn)
Cushion Grip

The handles of the cushion grip screwdrivers are made from three different materials. The base layer molded to the shaft looks like clear acetate. That’s covered by red plastic, which in turn is overmolded with a rubbery grip material.
What supposedly separates this design from other rubber-covered acetate handles is that Milwaukee says the rubber won’t peel or slide off. Every cushion grip screwdriver handle also has a lanyard hole for a tether or to hang on a hook.

One of the new features that sets these screwdrivers apart is their “tactile” identification. The end of the screwdrivers is stamped with 4 pluses for Phillips, 8 squares for square drive, or one ridged circle for slotted. The point is that when you put your hand down into your pouch, you’ll be able to feel for the right screwdriver without looking.

Most of the shafts feature a bolster that you can turn with a wrench for extra torque, and knurling that can help you grasp and spin the shaft with your fingers.
You can buy the cushion grip screwdrivers in a 4 piece set, 6 piece set, or individually.
The 4 piece set (48-22-2884) comes with the following screwdrivers:
Phillips #2 x 4″
Slotted 1/4″ x 4″, 5/16″ x 6″, and 3/16” x 6″
The 6 piece set (48-22-2886) comes with the following screwdrivers:
Phillips #1 x 3″, #2 x 4″, and #3 x 6”
Slotted 1/4″ x 4”, 5/16” x 6’, and 3/16” x 6”
Or you can buy the following screwdrivers individually
Phillips #1 x 3” (48-22-2811)
Phillips #2 x 4” (48-22-2812)
Phillips #3 x 6” (48-22-2813)
Phillips #2 x 10” (48-22-2814)
1/4″ x 4” Slotted (28-22-2821)
5/16” x 6” Slotted (48-22-2822)
3/8” x 8” Slotted (48-22-2824)
3/16” x 3” Cabinet (48-22-2831)
3/16” x 6” Cabinet (48-22-2832)
3/16” x 8” Cabinet (48-22-2833)
3/16” x 10” Cabinet (48-22-2834)
Square #1 x 4” (48-22-2851)
Square #2 x 4” (48-22-2852)
Square #3 x 6” (48-22-2853)
ECX #1 x 4” (48-22-2841)
ECX #2 x 4” (48-22-2842)
Tool Barn has the 4pc set for $33, the 6pc set for $35, as well as many of the individual drivers for $7 to $12 depending on the particular screwdriver.
Buy Now: 4pc Set via Tool Barn | 6pc set via Acme ToolBuy Now: 6pc Set via Tool Barn | 6pc set via Acme Tool
Buy Now (Individual Sizes via Home Depot)

Milwaukee also makes 3 cushion grip demolition drivers. They don’t have a bolster or knurled shaft, and because they have a metal cap on the end they don’t have the tactile identification.
Here’s the three different demolition screwdrivers:
Phillips #2 x 6”(48-22-2815)
Slotted 5/16” x 6” (48-22-2823)
Slotted 3/8” x 8” (48-22-2825)
I didn’t even realize these cushion grip demolition screwdrivers existed until I started looking at the cushion grip screwdrivers closely. Many sites just list them as cushion grip screwdrivers, so I’ll provide separate links for each one to help you find them. The smaller slotted and Phillips will run you $13 while the larger slotted will set you back $18.
Buy Now (Phillips via Tool Barn)Buy Now (5/16″ via Tool Barn)Buy Now (3/8″ via Tool Barn)

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