DEWALT D26677K Review

The DEWALT D26677K Planer Kit

The DEWALT D26677K is a portable hand planer that you can use for all your planning needs whether it is a small job or a large one. This planning tool has been designed to allow for efficiency and versatility. It can quickly and accurately get away wood material at depths reaching 1/16 inches. It has a fine tuning knob for adjusting the depth, which allows you to precisely determine what amount of material you want to remove. The planning tool can cut through the hardest woods without experiencing problems. The D26677K planing kit is pretty well balanced and will only slightly tilt forward after you pick it up. The equipment consists of a lock-on button located next to the trigger, which you can activate using your thumb. To find out more about this planer, you may want to continue reading this DEWALT D26677K review:



The planer has a 5.5 amp motor that powers it, allowing it to generate 34,000 cuts every minute. You can efficiently work on a huge load of wood with the speed of 17,000 RPM. It has reversible carbide blades that allow for improved blade life as well as greater material finish. The built-in kickstand of the DEWALT D26677K makes it easy for you to rest the planer on your work surface without risking gouging the material. The precision-machined groove found in the front shoe makes it easy to do edge chamfering. Again, a poly-v drive belt has been designed to allow for improved life and durability.


Ergonomic Design

An ergonomically designed handle allows you to use the planer with ease, less fatigue, and increased comfort. The planer throws out too many wood chips, so if you are using it and you don’t want the chips to fall everywhere in your workspace or site, you may want to use the dust adapter that slips easily over the dust port located on the right side of the tool. However, for the left-handed users, they may not find the location of the dust port too convenient for them. The dust adapter allows you to easily connect it to the specially designed DEWALT vacuum cleaner. The hard shell case for the planer allows you to safely store and transport it. The planing equipment along with its pieces and bits can neatly fit inside the case. On top of that, the case is able to take abuse without wearing or falling apart.


Ease and Safety of Use  

A long, flexible power cord makes it easy for you to use the equipment, and you know, longer is always better when it comes to planers and other machine tools. You can easily adjust the depth-setting knob by rotating it to one of the 14 positions by raising and lowering the blade. To ensure hearing protection, the DEWALT D26677K planer has a 99.5 no-load decibel level. When using the planer, ensure that you maintain a firm downward pressure on its front handle. After the back end of your planer moves on to the wood, you can shift the pressure to the rear handle. If you’re a first time user, you can do some practice cuts probably on scrap wood material until you feel that you are comfortable to use it.

In essence, the DEWALT D26676K is a great planer you may want to use for your professional woodworking tasks. Now that you have learned something on this DEWALT D26677K review, you can make your decision as to whether the tool is a right fit for your planning tasks. The good dept adjustment, smooth finishes, and ample power for those demanding milling tasks make it a reliable hand planer for workshop and job site use.


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