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Gtech Pro Cordless Bagged Vacuum Cleaner Review No ratings yet.

Let me be honest, at ToolsReview we are not fans of hoovering, we are more into making a mess testing out all the power tools we review than cleaning up after ourselves. However when Gtech sent us the newly launched Gtech Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, we jumped at the chance of putting it through its

Misc. Tool Talk: Dewalt Cordless Mowers, Furnace Wiring, TiN Coated Tools, Workbench Status, & More No ratings yet.

Dewalt is coming out with 2 new cordless mowers, one in the 20V Max platform that works with (2) battery packs, and another in the 40V Max platform. In another post, a reader asked whether the 40V Max platform is dead. Nope, it’s still active. They came out with some new things last year, like