Bosch Chooses Ultimaker 3D Printers for Internal Use

I decided some time ago, after my bad experience with an inexpensive 3D printer that couldn’t even print the test model, that if I did try 3D printing again, it would be with an Ultimaker. They are consistently ranked high, in terms of ease of use and reliability.
But since their 3D printers are quite pricey, that hasn’t happened yet. Ben did put a different idea in my head, tipping me off about a well-regarded brand whose printers are much more affordable, but we’ll see.
My Google feed this morning had a story about some kind of business arrangement made between Bosch and Ultimaker.
I found the press release, and this is the headline: Bosch Announces Global Investment in Ultimaker 3 Extended Printers.
I couldn’t find any announcement by Bosch; the press release was sent out by Ultimaker.
Here’s the press release, and here’s an interesting part:
The printers will now be used in different locations across Germany, Hungary, China, India, the United States and Mexico for printing prototypes, tooling, jigs and fixtures—meant to boost innovation while cutting manufacturing and design costs.
There’s one other part that caught my attention:
This global investment of Bosch confirms that our 3D printing ecosystem is ready to advance innovation on a global scale.
3D printers are far from new, in both commercial and more recently hobby spaces.
A lot of companies are churning out ideas and turning them into products in less time than some of us can make purchasing decisions about them.
What I’m wondering is how the new 3D printers might be used by engineers and designers at Bosch Tools and Bosch Tools North America. I’m sure they have large commercial-grade 3D printers. Somewhere? I don’t know, I’ve never visited any Bosch R&D facility.
But what will having smaller 3D printers at the ready allow them to do? Will we see any boost in product R&D at Bosch Tools, or will this new investment more benefit Bosch’s other business segments?
Do you use 3D printers or similar additive manufacturing technology for your work? Hobbies? Do you want to?

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