Bosch 3725DEVS Review

There are many sanders/polishers in the market. Some of them are sophisticated with high-end technology. Others are rudimentary and rely on traditional sanding and polishing techniques. However, nothing beats the Bosch 3725DEVS sander/polisher. The tones of Bosch 3725DEVS reviews available online speak volumes about this outstanding machine. The handy tool is blue in color with a gear casing built of die-cast aluminum. The sander/polisher is engraved with Bosch’s trademark to guarantees that the machine is genuine.

The Bosch sander/polisher comes with a speed regulator. The user can adjust speeds based on preference or nature of work. The speed ranges from a minimum of 4,500 to a maximum of 12,000 OPM as a single speed. The operator of the machine can choose to work with a top speed or bottom low speed. Its lightness is superb! The tool has a weight of 5.1 lbs with an eccentric offset of 3/32 inches. Apart from the lightness, the sander/polisher is easy to operate. It combines the rotation and orbit padding for a smooth and perfect finish with a rocket removal speed.

It also has an attachment for the loop disc and hook. The attachment secures the disc firmly to the tool during use. The hooks have a lifespan of more than 35,000. The sander has a braking system made of dampening pad. The braking system was specifically designed to eliminate swirl marks. It has a microcellular padding back that result to a high-end smooth surface. This can be achieved irrespective of whether the user is working on a rugged or smooth surface. The machine comes with a Microfilter Dust System. The system helps in trapping dust particles with a smaller diameter as a half a micron. It also protects the sander by wading dust off from spilling back into it. You can simply unscrew the compacted dust chamber to expose the inside of the container. Doing so ensures that the accumulated dust particles become visible and absolutely easy to clean when necessary.


Comfort is paramount when using any machine. Bosch 3725DEVS does not disappoint. Its sander has a soft grip handle which makes it ergonomically friendly. It is possible for the operator to adjust the machine to different positions. This reduces straining to the hands and overall fatigue associated with using the tool. Those who own this sander attest that the tool absolutely remarkable. The machine can be purchased in a single box. The box contains a detachable front handle, a microfilter dust chamber, a pad with a softback, a sanding disc, and a random orbit polisher or sander. Check online for more Bosch 3725DEVS reviews. The rugged housing ensures that the tool gives a smoother experience. This reduces vibration and wobbling while operating the machine. The machine is ideal for carpenters and those who work with wood and require a perfectly smooth finish on their artworks. For those worried about the machine breaking done, worry not. The sander/Polisher comes with a one year warranty. Isn’t this amazing!


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