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I posted about the new Milwaukee ratcheting wrenches the other day, and someone asked for better photos of the Max Bite open end grooves.
Here are a bunch of photos I took at last year’s Milwaukee NPS17 media event. If you want to see something different or better, I do have test samples on-hand.

To start, here’s the 1/2″ wrench, to give you a sense of how big (or small) it is. It’s not a long pattern wrench.

11/32″! But only available in the larger set, at least as of the time of this posting.

Here’s a quick wrench size comparison, to show you how the Milwaukee combination wrenches compare to other brands. Sorry, it was a quick photo taken of all the 9/16″ wrenches I could gather up in 5 minutes. They’re smudgy, and it was taken with my smartphone under garage door opener lighting. Still, it shows what it needs to.
From top to bottom: Husky universal, Craftsman Professional, Proto ratcheting, Facom 440 series (reviewed here), Milwaukee, Gearwrench flex-head ratcheting.

The Max Bite grooves are intended to improve fastener grip and reduce slippage and rounding.

Here’s a closeup of the 3/4″ wrench.

And a different angle, of the 1/2″ wrench.

The box ends are 12pt.

Here’s the side view.

The larger sets come in their own trays. This isn’t one tray, it’s the two of them positioned together.

The smaller sets have “carry along” type racks.

The handles make the wrench racks larger than they really need to be, but make them easier to carry along. And as shown in the photo, it makes them easier to mount to pegboard or other such fixtures.
15pc SAE, 48-22-9415, MSRP $130
15pc Metric, 48-22-9515, MSRP $130
7pc SAE, 48-22-9407, MSRP $70
7pc Metric, 48-22-9507, MSRP $70
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15pc SAE Set via Zoro15pc Metric Set via Zoro7pc SAE Set via Zoro7pc Metric Set via Zoro
15pc SAE Set via Acme Tools15pc Metric Set via Acme Tools7pc SAE Set via Acme Tools7pc Metric Set via Acme Tools

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