8 New Ryobi Cordless Power Tools and Accessories for 2018

Ryobi has a bunch of new cordless tools coming out in coming weeks.
First up, there’s the P225 brushless drywall screwgun. It is said to provide “coded performance and cordless convenience.” The new Ryobi cordless drywall screwgun features a variable speed motor, lock-on feature, 0-4700 RPM, adjustable and removable nose, improved MagTray bit holder, and it can drive up to 3000 screws per charge.
Price: $99 for the bare toolETA: March 2018

Next up, a Ryobi 18V Hybrid LED Color Range work light, which features adjustable color temperature light output, from 2700K to 5000K.
2700K will be yellow in appearance, similar to Tungsten bulbs, and 5000K approaches “daylight,” for whiter light.
The new Ryobi work light can output “over 1200 lumens” of light, and can run for over 24 hours on a high capacity battery pack, presumably at the low output setting.
There are 3 lighting levels – low (100 lumens), medium (700 lumens), and high (1200 lumens).
It sports multiple hanging options and a 1/4″-20 tripod mount.

You can power it with a Ryobi 18V One+ battery pack, or a standard extension cord.
I asked about its CRI rating, and was told the following:
The P795 uses two different CREE LEDs that allows the color temperature (kelvin rating) of the light to be adjusted from 2700K to 5000K. According to CREE, both LEDs have a minimum CRI of 80. However, CRI is not what sets this light apart, it’s really all about the kelvin adjustability.
For example, we know of many instances where someone purchased paint based on a paint chip he/she looked at in a store (with fluorescent lighting) and applied the paint to the walls thinking it would match what they saw in the store. However, due to the lower kelvin rating lights they have in their house, the paint may appear a vastly different color. That’s the beauty of the P795, the user can quickly dial in the appropriate color temperature based on the application.
The “color temperature” of light can affect how lit items appear, as different types of light can cast different colors. CRI, which I asked about, can affect the color accuracy under a given light. A low CRI light at 5000K can muddy or even change the color appearance of an object, compared to when the object is lit by daylight or a high CRI light.
Ideally, this light would have adjustable color temperature and high CRI rating, but if that were the case, it would never be in stock as photographers and film makers would buy them all up.
Still, it’s an interesting addition to Ryobi’s lineup. It could be very handy to be able to use a worklight that can change its color with a spin of a dial.
Price: $80ETA: April 2018
Buy Now(via Home Depot)

Another new Ryobi LED worklight, P790, has 3 light output settings (low, medium, high), 180° of head rotation, and 2 power options – battery or power cord.
It delivers up to 900 lumens of light, offers a licking hook for different hanging options, and also has a MagTray spot for placing your screws and other metal bits down without losing them.
Price: $50ETA: April 2018
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New Ryobi 18V shears came to market recently, model P591. It can cut sheet metal, vinyl siding, shingles, chicken wire, and other such materials. It can cut over 1000 feet of sheet metal with a 4.0Ah battery pack.
Price: $99
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What happens if you’re clearing a drain and run out of battery power? The Ryobi Hybrid drain auger, P4002, can be powered by battery or AC cord. Not an extension cord, but a proprietary-looking power pack.
It has interchangeable tips, built-in feet, and 25 feet of reinforced cable.
Price: $149
Buy Now(via Home Depot)

Ryobi came out with a new 18V EverCharge stick vacuum cleaner at the end of 2017. It can be used handheld, as shown here, or attached to its stick and used to clean the floor.
I bought a cordless Dyson vac just before this one came out. I love it so far, but I wonder which one works better.
Price: $199 for the kit, P718K
Buy Now(via Home Depot)

There’s the new P3520 floating speaker/light show with Bluetooth.
Ryobi says the “LED lights change to the beat of your music.”
Price: $80
Buy Now(via Home Depot)

There is also the P3500K underwater stick vacuum. It can be used handheld, or attached to a pole. It comes with a TouchCharge wireless charger and a 2.0Ah battery.
Price: $179
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